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scratch_it's Journal

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16 March
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Hi, I am Nadia. And I molest animals.

Nadia smells
Nadia smells good
Nadia smells good bad
Nadia smells bad ass amazing
Nadia smells bad like an ass amazing
Nadia smells bad like an assassin
aie, anal exam, assassins, being a pd, being nub, cheesuism, cheesus, cheesus lives, damage dances, eating orange juice, frank's odd head, gay men in alleyways, going on the roof, gold chains, graphix, hardcore psychology, hindu dances, hindu music stations, jennie rocks me, killing frank, little kiddies, medallions, mhm, nubs, papageno, peepee, peniurfac, pierced nubs, piercing penis, pimp studies, pimps, pinching cheeks, players, porn free, refusing 2 d/l aim, rice, ricey puke, scott-catalogue model, shagging ass, smelling bad, the hardcore paper, vesuvias, voles, watching rice puke, your mother

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